Friday, May 21, 2010

Welcome Pepper!

I have a new sister, Pepper. She is a 1 year old Doberman/Beagle mix. She was adopted on Wednesday night from a Doberman rescue group. We met in the backyard and we raced around like maniacs. Then we went inside and wrestled. I like her, and she likes me. We do a lot of wrestling, and then nap, more wrestling, and more naps, etc. I have to get used to her playing with all my toys. Sometimes I will take my toys from her. My "mom" says that I have to learn how to share.

Pepper is a lot of fun and she will definitely distract me from chewing on shoes! I am so exhausted from all the playing that I can't even think about "shopping" for new things to chew on!

1 comment:

tegan said...

Hello and welcome Pepper!
You'll love living there and Riley will be a great brother!
Hope to meet you and paly soon.