Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me.......Today, July 4th, is my birthday. I am 3 today!!!

My "parents" are so amazed by, and proud of, how much I've matured. I used to be QUITE a handful, but now I am the "golden dog." It only took 3 years!

I spent much of my birthday outside running in the yard with Pepper. My "mom" filled up the pool which I played in a bit. A family friend came over and my "mom" announced that I could not be yelled at or get in trouble for anything because it was my birthday (way to go "mom"!).

I got a "porkscrew" as a treat. It's rawhide rolled around smoked bacon skin. Mmm mmm! Pepper got one too because she gets jealous, but I get toys/treats almost every week so it was no biggie.

What's even best about my birthday? Is that the entire country celebrated with fireworks (which I am not afraid of)!

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tegan said...

Happy LATE birthday Riley!!! Sorry I've been so busy but sounds like you had a great day!
Love, Tegan